Corfu: Top 10 Reasons You Should Visit Corfu

Corfu has long been known as one of the most stunning and beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea. This region, also called Kerkira, is renowned for its crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and scenic mountain ranges that make it a haven for tourists around the world. Here are 10 of the best reasons you should visit Corfu.

1) Incredible ancient history
While you’ll find remnants of Greece’s past scattered across most of mainland Greece, it’s nowhere better preserved than on Corfu. The Palace of Casertavecchia alone is reason enough to visit: Built by a Venetian general in 1537, it’s one of two remaining military fortresses built to protect Venice from invaders. But for those more interested in its more recent history, there are museums (the Archaeological Museum, for instance) and ruins galore—such as those at Antirrio, where an ancient bridge straddles modern-day highway traffic. The best way to experience old Corfu? Stay in a villa or boutique hotel that dates back several centuries.
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2) A variety of landmarks
In addition to stunning beaches, there are several must-see sights worth visiting while in Corfu. The Palaiokastritsa cave (or Old Fortress) is one of these landmarks. Built into a cliff face and with an interesting history, it’s definitely a tourist attraction worth checking out when you visit Corfu. Plus, it’s only 40 feet away from Palaiokastritsa beach – which is another must-see. There are more great attractions that you can explore with ease when you visit Corfu; all of them are suitable for any level of fitness so there will be something fun to do regardless of your physical ability.
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3) Appealing to climate
The climate in Corfu is mild and sunny, with a long summer season. The island has 2,800 hours of sunshine annually – that’s 12% more than Greece! Combine that with temperatures of 20°C in winter and 27°C in summer and you can see why it’s such a popular destination for tourists. The three different coastal areas (the west coast, south coast, and east coast) have similar climates which mean there are great places to swim all year round. If you’re planning to visit in autumn or winter, be prepared for cooler weather at night time. Average daytime temperatures remain above 16°C but can drop as low as 9°C overnight.

4) The best beaches in Corfu
Corfu is a stunning Greek island with stunning beaches. The coast is lined with stunning grottoes, and the clear waters of the Mediterranean are great for swimming. There are a number of great beaches on the island, but the most popular area is the southern part of the island, particularly in the area of Kanoni. The best beaches in Corfu are ・Spinalonga – the cave island, a submerged volcanic islet ・Kanoni – the main beach in the southern part of the island ・Kalyvia – a small village on the east coast with white sandy beaches and clear waters ・Omala – the largest beach on the island, with a large natural pool.

5) Activities for all tastes and budgets
From outdoor adventures to relaxing on sandy beaches, there’s a lot to do in Corfu. No matter your interest, you can find an activity to suit you in Corfu. If you want an adrenaline rush, try surfing or snorkeling, and don’t forget your swimsuit and sunscreen! If active activities aren’t really your thing, then explore one of Greece’s best-preserved historical cities, like Preveza or Parga. To get away from it all and relax at a beautiful beach resort, head for Kassiopi or Stavros. Whatever activity you choose on your trip to beautiful Corfu, you can be sure that it will be memorable and fun.

6) Famed hospitality
This island is known for its relaxed approach to life, and there’s a strong sense of hospitality that runs through all levels of society. Locals are incredibly welcoming—expect to be invited out for dinner or drinks by someone you’ve just met. The good news? This custom goes both ways—you can extend invitations yourself! Be sure to check out ‘Corfu Island Hospitality’ on Facebook for more recommendations about where to eat and stay in Corfu.

7) Vibrant nightlife
If you like to dance until dawn, you will love Korfou. Corfu is a bustling island with fantastic nightlife. There are many clubs scattered across the island, which offer a wide range of music and entertainment. Corfu has become synonymous with a vibrant nightlife. Corfu’s traditional tavernas also provide a welcome counterpoint to the island’s bustling scene, providing an atmosphere of conviviality and good food and drink. After dark, it is worth taking a walk in one of the cosmopolitan towns of Corfu. During the day they can feel quite sleepy, but at night (and especially during festivals) they really come alive.

8) Cosmopolitan vibe
Unlike some of its more famous Greek cousins, like Santorini and Mykonos, Corfu is a great place to find historical sites with few crowds. While sites like Delphi or Olympia are amazing to visit, they often draw large groups who can overwhelm a small town in minutes. On smaller islands, you’ll be able to feel more connected to local life—and appreciate your time there more! There’s also a good chance you’ll discover hidden gems that larger tour groups miss out on.

9) Picturesque landscape
The northwestern part of Greece’s the Ionian Sea is famously stunning, especially in February when orchards explode with pink and white blossoms. But it isn’t just about a natural beauty—the island has history too. Ancient monuments abound, such as Palaiopolis, a sunken city thought to be nearly 4,000 years old. The architecture and scenery are so striking that Thomas Mann made parts of his 1900 novel The Magic Mountain take place in Corfu; Fodor highlights visits to a grand villa built by Empress Elisabeth of Austria at Achilleion, now open to visitors. (Just be sure to plan your trip for springtime when it’s reliably sunny!)

10) Beach holidays with a twist
If you’re looking for a beach holiday with a difference, then consider visiting Corfu. Located on Greece’s Ionian Sea coast, it is rich in history and culture with plenty of ancient sites to see, as well as beautiful, unspoiled beaches. And because it is such an island paradise, there are also plenty of opportunities to explore by boat and kayak.

Finally, even though it’s a small island, there’s so much to do in Corfu that you’ll never run out of things to do. There are amazing beaches, amazing nightlife, amazing restaurants, amazing places to visit, and, of course, amazing tours. But if you want to relax, that’s fine too. You can do all of the above and still find time to relax on the beach, go out at night, and explore the island on your own. Before planning your trip, consult the resources page, you will find everything you need there.

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